February 16, 2005

Tenure Coaching: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

It is widely known that executives have coaches. Although they are successful, high-functioning people, they still hire coaches to help them become clear on their priorities, stick to their long-term goals, deal with difficult people and all the other problems of such a complex career.

Assistant professors have at least as difficult a career as high-level executives. They are really doing several jobs at the same time. As many of you who are reading this have experienced, the first year or two can be totally overwhelming. The time has come

for professors to take care of their needs in the same way that executives do: by getting the support and help of a coach. A coach can help them track the myriad of tasks that they need, keep a steady pace of publishing, networking, speaking and developing their teaching skills. A coach can offer support and advice with the complexities of departmental politics.
If your institution doesn't offer this kind of help, take good care of yourself and hire a tenure coach.


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