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Learn how to run regressions and ANOVAs in SPSS GLM accurately and efficiently

I am no statistics expert, but I'm frequently asked if Academic Ladder can help with statistical problems. The best I can do is refer you to specialists who know what they're doing. I believe that The Analysis Factor , a web site that specializes in helping people with the statistical aspect of their research, has a lot to offer. Here is an announcement that I just received from Karen Grace-Martin, the owner of The Analysis Factor. For those of you struggling with running regressions and ANOVAS in SPSS GLM accurately, I suggest you check it out. Here is the registration page for those who just want to sign up: Learn how to run regressions and ANOVAs in SPSS GLM accurately and efficiently . Imagine understanding your statistical software well enough to just write the program, choose the menu options you need, get the right output, and be able to read it easily. Think of the time and frustration it would save! I am inviting you to my Running Regressions and ANOVA in SPSS GLM

Just Say No to Negativity

As shared in my last newsletter, the tendency to think negatively about yourself is common among academics. If you're unable to stop your negative self-thoughts, then you will be hampered in your ability to write. And so I just had to share this article with you, compliments of our very own Writing Club Coach Rene . Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just Say No to Negativity (Part I) by Rene Hadjigeorgalis, Academic Writing Club Coach ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'd like to address the idea of positivity, how you may resist being positive, what negative self-talk can do to you (without even realizing it), and how you can teach yourself to be more positive. First of all, let me say that with the exception of a few people who just light up the room when they smile, most of us have to make a concerted effort to be positive. For some reason, the human condition is such, particularly in academia, that it defaults to negativity and catastrophic thinking. "I will never get this paper done." &quo