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Stock Your Cupboards: Guides to teaching effectively and efficiently

As an academic writer, you are teaching and learning all the time. You learn from other scholars in your research; you teach your strategies for effective writing in the Writing Club or other context. Teaching an academic course is probably also part of your life. It may be far in the future, or a current source of anxiety.  Novice or master, it is time to stock your cupboards! Get some fresh new things, review your staples, and check out some cookbooks and tools! As we have said before, effective teaching is usually more efficient teaching. ( )  That leaves more time and focus available for the main work in Academic Ladder: productive academic writing. Last month’s newsletter, Clean Your Tools , ( ) was a review of useful books on academic writing. Now we present a guide to resources about college teaching. Tools: an unexpected use for an old tool You may not anticipate our fir