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Clean Your Tools! A Review of Guidebooks for Academic Writing

Are you intimidated by the review of the literature section of your project? Is it hard to figure out what to include and why?  You can get around that if you imagine yourself in an ordinary conversation. Entering a Conversation How do you enter a conversation? When you are new to a group of people, does it take a long time to find your voice? When some of the people are more well-known than you are, do your words get stuck in your mouth? When you are interested in the conversation and have something to contribute, is it hard to figure out how to start? Do you sometimes feel you blurt out a thought? I bet your apprehensions about writing your review of the literature are similar! So use the same strategies! In ordinary conversation, how do you speak up? Conversation Strategies Here are some strategies you probably use as you make your way in a conversation: Listen quietly awhile to the tone of the conversation and then say something:  “This dog park controversy yo