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To Do, Not To Do, To Ignore--What's On Your Ignore List This Week?

If you're like me and many of my writing club participants, you have a weekly or monthly goal setting ritual.  Usually this involves sitting down on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and setting goals for the upcoming week.  For me, I consider my schedule as well as all of the long term projects I'm working on and when I can do what.  Usually I end up with several different to-do lists, or in David Allen terms, lists of next actions .  I also end up with a plan for the week that involves assigning tasks to various blocks of time, whether it's a meeting with a freelance client or preparing for a class that I'm teaching, or writing for my book or blog posts.  What I don't usually do, though, is make a list of what I won't be doing, a concept I'd never really thought about until one of my clients pointed me to Peter Bregman's article in the Harvard Business Review. Somewhat similar to the  unschedule idea  we've talked about previously on this blog,