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Help us spread the word about Academic Ladder and win $50!

For those of you who are not on my newsletter list: You have until September 10! Enter for three chances to win a $50 gift certificate from and help Academic Ladder reach more suffering academics! Help us Stop the Insanity! At Academic Ladder we are on a crusade to bring light to the dark halls of academia and to stop the suffering for all those grad students and professors who have never heard about Academic Ladder. We need your help and we are willing to pay for your help! Enter these 3 raffles for 3 chances to win a $50 gift certificate! 1.) The “Tell-a-Friend” Raffle Go here and enter the name of anyone who you think would like to visit our website and have light shine on their dull corner of academia. You will receive a raffle entry for each person you refer. Every 50 entries will be entered in a draw for a $50 gift certificate! 2.) The Listserv Raffle Send this link to our homepage to your academic listerv, perhaps with the words “An interestin