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I'm back from "Blogger Hell" ... or "Help"

Although in general I don't think people should apologize for not writing in their blogs, I feel I owe an explanation for my absence beyond the vacation. In summary, IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I have just gone through "Blogger Hell." For some reason, I've been unable to publish my posts. The previous post has been in the system for a long time, and my wondrous webmistress, Kera, just managed to iron out the strange inner workings of Blogger and publish it. I've had the opportunity to wander the dark and narrow corridors of "Blogger Hell" or "Help," as they call it. It involves discussion boards full of postings that begin, "Help! The Help Desk at Blogger won't write me back! I can't publish my blog!" They even have a special purgatory area for people who can't publish their blog. I wrote them twice and never got a human reply, just the automated kind that appears two seconds after you write. I especially feel bad that I

Write Your Daily "*#*#*@*"

I just returned from a month in South America. We had the pleasure of getting to know two brilliant professors while we were on the trip. I enjoyed hearing about their writing process. The husband has always been a prolific writer. He writes on a daily basis, and is not that self critical when writing his first drafts. The wife, on the other hand, admits to being a perfectionist. She tends to worry over getting each sentence just right. She has just published her first book, which she wasn't able to finish until she retired. The irony is that she is clearly extremely intelligent, articulate, and brimming over with ideas. Clearly, Robert Boice, who studied professors and their writing habits, was correct. Write daily, and don't be too hard on yourself.