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Poms revisited

Poms, Pomodoros, Tomayto, Tomahto... I received a reminder today from Ellis Wakefield that this blog hasn't featured Poms for a while.  He wrote me to let me know that he had recently published a short article called " The Pomodoro Technique – The Ultimate Task Ender "  in Red Shed , about the use of Poms, or Pomodoros, in getting tasks done.  I thought it was a nice, clear, simple explanation and I refer you there . We've blogged about Poms before -- see " What on Earth Are Poms? " by Susanne Morgan. Here is the official Pomodoro Website  and the book created by Francesco Cirillo, the originator of the Pomodoro Technique. Want Your Own Tomato? Want your own Pomodoro Timer? Click the tomato -- it's only US $.49 In case you get inspired to have your own actual tomato timer ("pomodoro" is Italian for tomato) ticking away while you write, click on the tomato timer on the right to access one for $.49.  Many Pomodoro technique fanat