August 14, 2006

One Road to Publishing More

An interesting tidbit today in Inside Higher Ed. In "Sociology, Gender and Higher Ed," Scott Jaschik reports on some research presented at the American Sociological Association Convention in Montreal.

Erin Leahy, Jason Crockett and Laura Hunter of the University of Arizona investigated whether increasing one's area of specialization improved productivity, and whether it helped men more than women (their hypothesis).

The trio of scholars followed the careers and publication records of a group of sociologists and linguists expecting to find that men benefit more than women do from specialization. In fact, they found that specialization had the most impact (for men and women) on productivity: the more specialized scholars are, the more papers they published. In terms of measures of visibility within a field — a measure that could lead to promotion or job offers elsewhere — the research found that women benefit more than men from specialization.

Maybe it's time to ask yourself, "Are you specialized enough?"


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