August 2, 2013

Are you in thrall to the "rigid markers of academic success?"

From blogger The Professor Is In (Karen Kelsky):
"Accepting the rule of external validation and the incredibly rigid markers of academic success makes only for chronic anxiety, insecurity, dependency, and depression."  (Link from Kerry Ann Rockquemore  via Laura S. Logan)
My favorite quote is from one of the commenters, Barton Fink-Nottle, who writes,
"The way to end the cycle of cruelty that mars the profession is for individuals who have a modicum of power in the system to exercise said power humanely. Above all, those of with tenure need to see adjuncts as colleagues in need of solidarity, not underlings, and campaign for them to receive a living wage. Only by working with our adjunct colleagues can we begin to solve the mounting problems afflicting higher education."
Amen, Barton, Amen.


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