September 10, 2009

The First Annual "Inspirational Quotes for Writers Contest!"

I'd like to thank my readers for the great response we received on the quotes that we shared in our last newsletter. Many of you told us how much you enjoyed the quotes, and how they inspired you to get writing. A few of you even shared you printed them off to post on your wall. And one amazing reader wrote me from Ireland to tell me she had created a poster of the quotes, which she was happy to share with others. You might like to have a copy yourself, so just click here to get your own copy of this lovely, inspiring poster.

This strong response got us to thinking… wouldn’t it be great to create a huge list of inspirational quotes for writing? If the few quotes we shared with you made such a difference to so many, then a bigger list of them would provide that much more inspiration and motivation to keep on writing.

So I hereby announce the first annual (well, we'll see if there's ever a second one) "Inspirational Quotes for Writers Contest!"

In order to enter, all you have to do is share with us your favorite quotes that really inspire you and you will be entered into a draw for a Flip Ultra Video Camera. This cool little pocket camcorder records video ‘on the go’, and is easy to use and super easy to upload/share videos.

(Click to learn more about the Flip Ultra)

In order to share these quotes with as many people as possible, and so you can see them all 'live' along the way, we have setup a new Facebook Page for Academic Ladder. You must be signed up for Facebook to enter.

All you need to do to enter the contest is go to become a Fan of the Academic Ladder page, and post your favorite quotes on the wall for all to see.

Note that this is not my personal page -- many of you have friended me, but for this contest you need to become a fan of our new page,

The winner will be drawn randomly from all who enter the contest, which closes 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Friday, September 25th. You can post up to five quotes to be entered into the draw, we ask of course that you post 5 different quotes… duplicate quotes won’t be counted. This would give you five chances to win.

So become a fan of our new page and share those kind of quotes that make you feel like you really can keep writing and accomplish something, or the kind of quote that lets you know that other writers have suffered just like you, or any other quote that offers comfort, motivation and inspiration to writers.

I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to creating our big list of quotes; and you might be looking forward to owning a Flip Ultra Video Camera. I know I wish I had one!
Again, to enter the contest, go to

See you on the Academic Ladder Facebook Page!


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