June 13, 2008

Balanced Life Chart

The latest issue of my newsletter, entitled "Get a Life! A Chart for Living a Balanced Life(Even if You're an Academic)" just came out on Wednesday. In it, I wrote about the fact that academics feel that they're never good enough and that there's always someone better than them. Both of these factors, among others, lead to a guilt-caused imbalance in their lives.

To help academics deal get rid of the lack of balance in their lives, I created (along with the help of one of my brilliant clients), a Balanced Life Chart. An astute reader just wrote me to point out that because the Balanced Life chart download was a PDF document, she couldn't type on it. So I've created a download of the Balanced Life Chart as a Word download. You can find it here.

Image by Kim Carney
Reproduced with permission


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