May 9, 2008

Cover letter and C.V. advice

The American Historical Association's publication, Perspectives Online, has two good articles on C.V. and cover letter creation. This article is chock full of useful advice, as is this article. The advice in these articles is appropriate for people in many fields, so don't ignore these sources if you are in education or economics!


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Mike Kelley said...

With so many formats and differing advice regarding CV structure who do you listens to. Well here's the good news: There is only one CV or resume format you need to worry about. The Hybrid CV (Universal, Targeted, Reverse Chronological format). You can download a temaple from this page

Please do not confuse CV formats and CV writing advice associated with the UK and US CV. The "UK CV" is very similar to the "US resume". The UK CV should not be written on more than 2 pages, unless you are sending it to a job agency or maybe working within a few specific organisations that ask fo more than 2 pages. In general, the covering or supporting letter should be targeted to a specific job application. The CV or resume UK or US should be targeted towards the appropriate job area.


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