June 19, 2006

ADD and Graduate School

We're having our "Success in Graduate School with ADD" teleclass today, and I'm going to be asking people to commit to one action step that will help them surmount the symptoms of ADD and make progress in their work. Even if you didn't attend the teleclass, you can write in a commitment to taking one small step that you might not otherwise have done.

Action steps should be small and discrete. "Write one chapter" is not an action step. "Write for 20 minutes" is an action step. You could also expand this by committing to "Write for 20 minutes with Internet turned off on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, finishing by 11:00 am."

Put a time that you will complete your action step by, such as "Today by 4:00" or "Thursday at noon." That way you will be able to know that you accomplished it. This also gives you a deadline.

Your action step could also involve putting structures in place. This could include such items as "Find a timer and put it on my desk," or "Call Joe and ask him to be an accountability partner with me for daily check-ins."

Please let us know what you will be doing! Then write back after your deadline and let us know how it went.


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