May 3, 2005

You Are Not Alone

I'm continually struck by the fact that ABD's who are struggling to finish their dissertation think that they are the only ones having this kind of problem. I'm writing this right now to tell you:

You are not alone!

There are so many people that are suffering while working on their dissertation, that I'm tempted to say that they are in the majority. How do I know that? Well, the often quoted and never disputed fact that 50% of graduate students fail to finish their dissertation tells me that there must be another 50% who had a difficult time of it.

Unfortunately, it appears that graduate students in the same program rarely talk to each other about the difficulty that they're having. In particular, they don't talk about how bad they feel about themselves. That's why people like to come to this site and find out that they're not alone. I find that I can never say it too often.


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